Flag Of Colombia: Meaning And History 

The flag of Colombia is the pride of Columbia. The flag of every country has a unique sign, color combination, and history. Therefore, I will make you aware of the national flag of Colombia. In this article, you will know everything about this Colombia flag. So, without further discussion let us learn about the flag of Colombia. 

What Is The Flag Of Colombia? 

The flag of Colombia has three color stripes and every strip tells us a different meaning. The upper strip is of yellow color, the middle stripe is of blue color and the lower strip is of red color. The ratio of these three-color strips is 2:1:1 so the yellow strip is bigger than the other two strips of Blue and Red. 

Colombia flag is different from most of the other tricolor fags, either vertical or horizontal, in having strips that are not equal in size. Here, on this flag, you can see the horizontal color stripes.  The color of the Republic of Colombia Flag was not selected officially and has not been established by law. Now, you have understood the color combination of Colombia’s flag so, it is time to learn the flag colour meaning. 

What Is The Meaning Of Flag Of The Colombia? 

The flag of Colombia meaning is different for the different colors. The flag color meanings are significant and are the main factor of the flag. In Colombia’s flag, the color of the upper strip which is yellow represents the riches of the country, the wealth of the Colombia soil, the gold, Sovereignty, harmony, justice, and agriculture, as well as the Sun, the source of light. 

The middle strip which is of Blue color represents the sky above, the seas on Colombia’s shores, and the rivers that run through. And, the lower strip which is of Red color represents the blood spilled for Colombia’s independence and also the effort of the Colombian people, their determination, and perseverance. 

Many of us thought, the flag of Colombia with stars but it was the historical flag of Colombia. Nowadays, Colombia’s flag is without any star and it has only three horizontal stripes. So, now you know what does the flag of Colombia represents, let us learn about the history of Colombia’s flag. 

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History Of Flag Of Colombia 

The history of the flag of Colombia will make you well aware of it and by learning it you will know the flag of Colombia facts. 

Francisco de Miranda basically created the common yellow, blue and red flag of Gran Colombia that Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela, with slight variations, share today. Miranda wrote a letter to Count Simon Romanovich Woronzoff and philosopher Johann Wolfgang Goethe at a party in Weimar during the winter of 1785. 

Later, Miranda designed his flag, he recalled seeing a fresco by Lazzaro Tavarone in the Palazzo Belimbau in Genoa that depicted Christopher Colombus unfurling a similar-colored flag in Veragua during his 4th voyage. 

In the 1801 plan for an army to liberate Spanish America, which Miranda submitted unsuccessfully to the British cabinet, he requested the materials for “ten flags, whose colors shall be red, yellow, and blue, in three zones”. So, the first flag was not raised until 12th March 1806. 

Neighbor Countries Of Colombia 

The neighboring countries of Colombia are 






About Colombia 

Colombia or the Republic of Colombia is a transcontinental country located in South America and an insular region in North America. Let us know some facts about Colombia. 

  • Language 

The language of Colombia is Spanish but the regional languages are English, Quechua, Portuguese, and 65 other languages. 

  • Currency 

Colombia currency is the Colombian Peso COP. 

  • Weather 

Here, the climate is tropical in nature and it depends upon the altitude, temperature, humidity, winds, and rainfall. 

  • Food 

The typical Colombian dishes are Bandeja Paisa, Empanadas, Sancocho, Fritanga. 

  • Population 

The population of Colombia is 50,372,424 as of the year of 2020. 

  • Area 

           The area of Colombia is 1,141,748 km2

Flag Map Of Colombia 

This is the Map Flag of Colombia.  

Flag Of Colombia



Why Do Ecuador And Colombia Have The Same Flag? 

Ecuador and Colombia have the same flag because at independence in 1822 they formed a confederation. They got separated in 1830 but retained the same flag whose design is attributed to freedom fighter General Francisco Miranda. 

What Is The Meaning Of Colombia’s Flag? 

Colombia’s flag has three colors and every color shows a different meaning. The Yellow means gold, justice, sovereignty, or liberty. The Blue color means the ocean, nobility, loyalty, or vigilance. The Red color means blood, honor, bravery, and sacrifice.  

Why Is There More Yellow On The Colombian Flag? 

There is more Yellow on the Colombian flag because it represents the gold abundant in Colombia. 

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What Animal Represents Colombia?

Not surprisingly one of these, the Andean Condor, is Colombia’s national symbol.

Did Colombia Get Their Flag From Haiti?

The flag was designed in Haiti by Francisco Miranda, the Caribbean island country where the revolutionary Simon Bolivar was planning Colombia’s independence.


Now, you know everything about Colombia’s flag including its color, and the meaning of every color. Above, I have given you the history of Colombia’s flag and also some information about Colombia country. So, after reading this article you will never forget about the flag of Colombia.


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