Idaho Flag: Meaning And History 

Are you looking for the Idaho flag? If so, then keep reading this article, you will find everything about the flag of Idaho. While talking about Idaho, is a state in the United States. Idaho is the 14th largest state by land area in the country. The state always remains in the spotlight because of lots of interesting things here. Idaho is popularly known for potatoes, trout, and precious stones as it is from its unspoiled, rugged landscapes. People like to move to Idaho because it is a great place to live the American dream. Without further delay let’s get started and know about the Idaho flag

What Is The Idaho flag? 

The Idaho flag is a very simple yet attractive flag in the country. The state flag of Idaho features a field of blue charge with the state seal, in full color, centered. On the seal, words are written “State of Idaho” in a circular shape. The seal displays the state’s Latin motto over a detailed scene. The seal features a woman wearing a traditional dress and a man dressed as a miner who is standing behind a pair of cornucopias. A shield that represents the state’s natural wonders is between the two people. Below the seal is a banner of gold and red with the words “State of Idaho” inscribed. 

Well, you know the Idaho flag colors. Let’s understand the Idaho flag meaning

What Is The Idaho Flag Meaning? 

The meaning of the Idaho state flag is quite interesting. The woman on the seal is a representation of justice, while the man represents the mining industry that dominated Idaho during the state’s early history. The cornucopia represents the prosperity that comes from Idaho’s natural resources, and the rest of the design is dedicated to representing those resources, which range from woodlands to wildlife. 

Let’s take a look at the history associated with the flag of Idaho.  

History Of The Idaho Flag 

The history of the flag of Idaho is as given below, 

  • In the history of Idaho’s flag, the history of the seal is very important. The seal has dominated every flag of Idaho, but the precise form has varied with time. 
  • The earliest type of seal was adopted in 1863, which was almost 30 years before the Idaho Territory became the state. 
  • The original seal was designed by painter Emma Edwards Green, which was the only state seal to be designed by a woman. 
  • Later in 1866, the seal was changed and it reached its final form in 1890. 
  • In 1890, Idaho was granted statehood, and some aspects of its old Territories seal were incorporated into the new state seal, which was designed by Miss Emma. 
  • In 1907 the first flag called for the name of the state to appear on a field of blue, and the seal appeared in full gold color. 
  • In 1927, the legislature of the state approved the flag, and 30 years later Miss Emma’s surviving artwork was brought into use for both the flag and the original seal. 

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Neighboring States Of Idaho 

The neighboring states of Idaho are, 

  • Oregon 
  • Nevada 
  • Utah
  • Wyoming 
  • Montana 
  • Alberta 
  • British Columbia 
  • Washington 

About Idaho  

To know Idaho in detail, take a look at some important factors about the state given below. 

  • Language 

The official language of Idaho is English. Out of the total population, 94.8% of people speak English and the remaining population uses other languages for communication. 

  • Currency 

As Idaho is located in the United States, it also confirms the national currency of the US. Therefore, the currency of Idaho is also the United States Dollar. 

  • Population 

The total population of the state of Idaho is around 19 lakhs as of 2021. And out of the total population of the state, 92.8% of the population is white while the remaining includes all of the others. 

  • Area 

The total area of the state of Idaho is around 216,632 km2 and with this much area, Idaho is the 14th largest state in the United States. 

  • Food 

In terms of food, Idaho will never disappoint you because here you may find a variety of food to eat. The most popular food in the state includes Ice cream potato, Idaho ruby red trout, beef tongue, huckleberry milkshake, monkey fries, finger steaks, Jim spud, Idaho sturgeon, etc. 

  • Weather 

The weather in Idaho changes throughout the year. The temperature can range from -60 deg F to 118 deg F. The coldest monthly average minimum temperature has been -20 deg F and the warmest monthly means the maximum of 104 deg F. 

Flag Map Of Idaho  

This is the Map Flag Of Idaho

Flag Map Of Idaho  

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What Does Idaho’s Flag Represent?

On the banner are the words “State of Idaho”. The women represents liberty, justice and equality. The man is a miner. The pictures on the shield represent the main industries of forestry, farming and mining highlighting the state’s natural beauty.

What State Uses The Cornucopia In Their Flag And Seal?

Idaho state seal with cornucopias at the bottom. While the symbolism is clear, the Roman and Greek mythology provide different origins for the cornucopia. For instance, one myth states that the first cornucopia was made from the broken-off horn of Amaltheia, a goat who nursed baby Zeus.

What Is The State Flag Of Idaho Called?

The flag of the State of Idaho consists of the state seal on a field of blue. The words “State of Idaho” appear in gold letters on a red and gold band below the seal.

What Does The Idaho Flag Symbolize?

The husbandman plowing on the left side of the shield, together with the sheaf of grain beneath the shield, are emblematic of Idaho’s agricultural resources, while the cornucopias, or horns of plenty, refer to the horticultural. Idaho has a game law, which protects the elk and moose.

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While reading this article, you got everything about the flag of Idaho as well as Idaho state. You have many factors like population, currency, language, food, weather, etc, regarding the state of Idaho. Hence, you would find it easy to visit Idaho if you visit it in the future. If you move to Idaho, you won’t be looking at a particularly expensive or particularly affordable lifestyle. As per the study, Idaho is the 25th lowest cost of living state in the United States and has beautiful Idaho flag


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