Indiana Flag: Meaning & History 

In this article, we will discuss the Indiana flag as well as the history of the flag of Indiana. We will also elaborate on the meaning of the flag of Indiana. Indiana is one of the states among the 50 states of the United States. Indiana is the 38th largest state in the United States according to land area. Why is it called Indiana? Well, presumably named from the fact that the land lying along the Ohio River was purchased from the Indians. But others claimed that the name Indiana was for the Indian tribe settled in western Pennsylvania. Without diving into the discussion let’s come to today’s topic which is the Indiana flag

What Is The Indiana Flag? 

The Indiana flag is a very interesting and attractive flag. There are so many flags in the world that look similar to each other but in this case, the Indiana state flag is quite different from all the flags. The flag consists of a solid blue field that is emblazoned with a golden torch, which is surrounded by 19 stars, 13 in an outer circle, an inner semi-circle of five stars, and a large star above the torch. On the top of the torch, there is a golden star, and above that star, the word is written in a semicircular shape as “INDIANA”, which is also golden in color. There is a very specific meaning of the torch and stars, below we will understand them in detail. The name of the Indiana flag is the Blue and Gold state banner. 

Now, you know the Indiana flag colors and get the Indiana state flag name. Let’s know more about the flag by understanding its history. 

What Is The Indiana Flag Meaning? 

The Indiana flag meaning is very interesting and quite easy to understand. The torch positioned at the center of the flag was chosen to represent both intellectual enlightenment and liberty, and each set of stars around the torch has its own meaning. The largest group has nineteen stars, which honors Indiana’s place as the nineteenth state to be admitted into the United States of America. While a smaller group of thirteen stars represents the original thirteen colonies that joined together to create the United States, the smaller group of five stars honors the five states that joined the Union shortly after the state of Indiana. 

And a single star that is larger than the other stars is directly above the torch, and it serves as a representation of Indiana itself. The state’s name wraps around the upper portion of that star, which clarified its meaning. 

The Indiana Flag History

Usually, when you look you mostly find that the flag is associated with colonization and oppression, but the flag of India came into existence through an entirely different process. In 1916, there was a centennial anniversary of Indiana and at that time, the general assembly of the state decided to adopt a state flag.  

Following this, the General Assembly asked the Indiana Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution to sponsor a contest for a state flag design. To attract more contestants, a one hundred dollar cash prize was announced as the award for the winner. 

There were over 200 submissions received by the Society and after careful consideration, Paul Hadley of Mooresville emerged as the contest winner. Out of all submissions, one design won the competition and that was a blue field with a torch surrounded by 19 stars, 13 in an outer circle, an inner semi-circle of five stars, and a large star above the torch. 

On 31st May 1917, officially the flag was adopted by the state of Indiana. Later on, Hadley’s flag design was hardly tempered with, the General Assembly’s decision to include the word “Indian” in a crescent shape above the torch. Before 1955, the flag was called the state banner but was later renamed to the States flag. 

Neighboring States Of Indiana, US  

Neighboring states of Indiana are  

  • Ohio
  • Michigan
  • Kentucky
  • Illinois

About Indiana 

If you want to know more about Indiana, continue reading. Here we have mentioned some important facts regarding Indiana.

  • Language 

The official language of Indiana is English, which is adopted by the State of Indiana. 89.2% of the population speak English and the remaining speak other languages. Indiana capital is Indianapolis and Indiana state flower is Peony.

  • Currency 

The official currency of the state of Indiana is the United States Dollar. The national currency of the United States is the Dollar, and Indiana is the state in the US, ultimately the currency of Indiana is the US dollar.

  • Population 

The population of the state of Indiana is 68.1 lakhs as of 2021. The state of Indiana is currently growing at a rate of 0.33% and according to this population, the state of Indiana is the 29th largest state in the United States.

  • Area 

The area of the state of Indiana, United States is 94,326 km2. The state of Indiana is famous for its southern sensibilities, basketball, saying the word “ope,” and hosting the greatest spectacle in motor racing.

  • Food 

You will find a tremendous variety of food in Indiana. The most popular food in the state includes Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches, Beef Burgers, Chicken and Waffles, Dutch Baby, Sugar Cream Pie, Butterscotch Pie, Shrimp Cocktails, Reuben, and many more.

  • Weather 

Indiana has sunny skies, springs are generally rainy and cool, the whole summer can have high humidity and the hot season is beautiful with mile weather and great scenery. In the state of Indiana, winter is cold with Temperatures reaching subzero with heavy snow.

The Map Of Indiana Flag 

The flag map of Indiana is. 

The Map Of Indiana Flag 

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What Does The Torch On The Indiana Flag Mean?

Liberty And Enlightenment

The torch in the center stands for liberty and enlightenment; the rays represent their far-reaching influence. The official description in the Indiana Code explains the rest of the symbolism: “The field of the flag shall be blue with nineteen stars and a flaming torch in gold or buff.

What Is The Symbol Of Indiana?

The 1931 Indiana General Assembly adopted the tulip tree as the state’s arboreal symbol. The tulip tree is a member of the magnolia family and features goblet-shaped, orange-yellow-green flowers that emerge in late spring.

What State Flag Is Blue And Gold?

Flag Of Oregon

The flag of the state of Oregon is a two-sided flag in navy blue and gold with an optional gold fringe. On the front is the escutcheon from the state seal and on the reverse is a gold figure of a beaver, the state animal.

What Does A Spear On Top Of Flag Mean?

The image of the spear dates to the Native Americans who used it for war and hunting. Spears carry a connotation of bravery and were also used in ceremonies to be given to the warriors of great courage. This idea is the significance communicated through a spear finial, which gives the flag a strong and bold appearance.


By reading this article, you have came across the various Indiana state flag facts in detail. Now, you know the color, design, and meaning of the flag of the state of Indiana. You can also search for Indiana flag emoji on the internet, then you might get all clarification about it. Many people have curiosity regarding the torch used on the flag. Well, the torch is used to represent liberty and enlightenment and the rays of the torch symbolize their far-reaching influence. Now, you have a complete idea of the Indiana flag.  


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