Japan Flag: Meaning & History 

Have you seen the Japan flag? No? Don’t worry, we will explain it to you in detail. Probably, everyone knows about Japan, which is one of the most popular and also developed countries. Geographically, Japan is located in East Asia, in the northwest Pacific Ocean. Japan is popular for its traditional arts, including tea ceremonies, calligraphy, and flower arranging. Also, it has a legacy of different gardens, sculptures, and poetry. The country is home to a total of 25 UNESCO World Heritage sites and is the birthplace of sushi, one of its most famous culinary exports. Without further delay let’s get started and learn about the Japan flag

What Is The Japan Flag? 

Japan flag is officially known as Nisshoki, which means the sun-mark flag. The flag of Japan is so simple yet attractive. It contains a crimson circle at the center of a white background. And, this is it. There is no other symbol or the Coat of Arms over the flag of Japan. The national flag of the country is designed to embody the nation’s nickname, Land of the Rising Sun. The flag of Japan is also referred to as Hinomaru by some Japanese people which means the circle of the sun. 

Now, you know what does Japan flag look like? Despite its simple design, the flag of Japan contains a very deep meaning. To know the hidden meaning within the national flag of Japan, read this article till the end. 

What Is The Japan Flag Meaning? 

Japan fag meaning is associated with history and it is represented in the form of colors. In normal life, you may see that humans have asserted a certain meaning to each and every color. So, in the flag, the white color is a symbol of the integrity and honesty of the people, while the red sun disc or a circle is a representation of Amaterasu, the sun Goddess. Tradition and history books claim she founded Japan and that emperors descended from her. 

The shape of the flag is a rectangle and its ratio is 2:3. This is the meaning of the current flag of Japan, so, the old Japan flag has a different meaning.   

Let’s know something about Japan flag history and know some old flags of the country. 

History Of The Japan Flag 

  • The current flag of Japan has been in official use for around 150 years. 
  • The design of the moderns day flag of Japan dates back to the 8th century when Emperor Monmu decorated his ceremony hall with a newly designed flag. 
  • The first flag flown in the country was the flag of the Tokugawa Shogunate, the last feudal military government. 
  • The flag was a simple white field with a black line through the center. 
  • In 1868, the flag changed to a dark blue field with a large chrysanthemum and a seven-pointed red star in the center of the Republic of Ezo. 
  • The Ryukyu Kingdom was independent of Japan between 1869 and 1875 and has its own flag. The flag features the Ryukyu Sho Dynasty crest in the center of a white field with black-red-black bands in the lower portion. 
  • After many years passed and many changes happened in the flag. But on 13th August 1999, the current flag of Japan was adopted legally. 

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Neighboring Countries Of Japan 

The neighboring countries of Japan are, 

  1. Russia 
  2. Korea 
  3. China 
  4. Hokkaido 
  5. Honshu 
  6. Shikoku 
  7. Kyushu 

About Japan 

To know Japan in detail, you should know about some basic but important facts like language, area, population, food, and weather in Japan. Let’s know it in detail. 

  • Language 

The official language of Japan is Japanese and it is spoken by about 128 million people, primarily by Japanese people and primarily in Japan, the only country where it is the national language. 

  • Currency 

The currency of Japan is the Japanese Yen and the capital of Japan is Tokyo. Currently, 1 USD is equivalent to 136.59 Japanese Yen. 

  • Population 

The population of Japan is around 12.57 crores as of 2021, and the most populous city in the country is its capital called Tokyo. 

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  • Area 

The total area of Japan is 377,915 km2 and this area makes Japan the 17th largest country in Asia and the 63rd largest in the world. 

  • Food 

You may get to see a lot of food varieties in Japan. The most popular foods include ramen, tempura, Japanese curry, Okonomiyaki, shabu-shabu or hotpot, Yakitori, soba, yakiniku, etc. 

  • Weather 

The East region of Japan has hot and humid summers and cold winters with very heavy snowfall on the sea of Japan’s side and in mountainous areas. On the other hand, the western region of Japan has very hot and humid summers and moderate cold during winters. 

Flag Map Of Japan

This is the Map Flag of Japan.

Japan Flag: Meaning & History 

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What’s The Meaning Of The Flag Of Japan?

The Japanese flag, called Hinomaru (disc of the sun) has been in use at least since the 14th century, and recalls the name of Japan (the Land of the Rising Sun). The white stands for purity and integrity, and the red for sincerity, brightness and warmth. Capital of Japan: Tokyo.

Why Does Japan Have 2 Flags?

Both the Rising San Flag and Hinomaru were adopted in 1870 by the new Meiji government, which overthrew the feudal government in 1868 and ushered Japan into modernity. The former became the official flag of the Japanese Army (and later Navy, as well), and the latter the national flag.

What Is The Symbol Of Japan?

Japan’s national flag, the Nisshoki (日章旗, “rising sun flag”), more commonly known as the Hinomaru (日の丸, “the sun disk”), is the well-known and memorable red circle in the middle of an all white background. The red symbol is the rising sun.

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Why Japan Is Called Rising Sun?

Japan is called the “Land of the Rising Sun” because the country is considered to lie close to where the sun rises.


While going through this article, you come across the Japanese flag colors and their meaning. Also, you got to learn about the history of the flag of Japan. Do you know? The people of Japan are known as more hardworking than anyone you know. Being hardworking is one of the Japanese who go to the extent to honor any task they undertake, especially if it is related to their work. They use various traditional medicines to treat patients and also have an art inherited from their old generations. Now, you know everything about the Japan flag.


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