Kansas Flag: Meaning And History 

Whatever you want to know about the Kansas flag, just go through this article. We can not conclude the flag of Kansa in a single article, but yeah, it will give you overall information regarding the flag of Kansas. Kansa is a state located in the Midwestern United States. Kansas is a landlocked state with several neighboring states. The state of Kansas is known for its vast prairies, rolling hills, and natural beauty. Kansas has one of the most miles of the river than any other state in the Great Plains and is home to the world’s largest contiguous tallgrass prairies. Let me tell you more about the Kansas flag.  

What Is The Kansas Flag? 

The Kansas flag consists of a blue field with a coat of arms at the center flag. There is a narrow border of white color on the hosting side. Above the seal is the state crest, a sunflower resting on a twisted blue and gold bar. 

The symbol on the state seal of Kansas was specified by the first Kansas legislature in 1861. The symbol of the flag of Kansas contains a river and steamboat, the rising sun, and a cabin with a man plowing a field. 

The dimension of the flag of Kansas is in the ratio of 3:5. Every color on the flag carries a different and unique meaning. Let’s have a look at the Kansas flag meaning in brief.  

What Is The Kansas Flag Meaning? 

One of the significant features of the flag Kansas is the state seal that is located in the center of the design. The main color of the flag is Azure, a shade of blue that makes up the background. This flag has several symbols of commerce life. This includes a river and steamboat that symbolizes commerce, the rising sun that represents the east, and a cabin with a man plowing the field that is symbolic of agriculture. The seal of the state features shades including blue, orange, brown, green, and white. And it is bordered with white color.

The design of the Kansas state flag also features Indians hunting bison, 34 stars that represent that Kansas was the 34th state admitted to the Union, and the state motto in Latin, which translates to means. Above the seal is a sunflower and below is the state’s name in golden color. 

So, you are here after knowing the meaning of the flag of Kansas City. Let’s understand the Kansas flag history

History Of Kansas Flag 

The currency state flag of Kansas was designed by Hazel Avery. This flag was first designed in 1925 and was used in a parade in the city of Lincoln. The flag design was officially adopted by the state of Kansas in 1927. Between 1925 and 1927, a state banner was used by the state. This banner featured a sunflower, the name “Kansas ” and was placed on a blue field. This banner was rejected and many complained about the flag’s design, which was meant to be hung vertically. 

The existing flag design was first adopted on 24th September 1961. It mimicked the original design created in 1925 with one exception, the addition of “Kansas” at the bottom of the flag in gold letters. 

Neighboring States Of Kansas 

The neighboring states of Kansas are, 

  • Nebraska 
  • Missouri 
  • Oklahoma 
  • Colorado  

About Kansas 

To know more about the state of Kansas let us know some significant aspects of Kansas state. 

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  • Language 

The official language of Kansas is English. There are a total of 97 languages spoken in Kansas state. 

  • Currency 

The currency of Kansas is the US Dollar. As it is located in the United States it has the same currency as the country. 

  • Food 

The most consumed food in the state of Kansas includes Barbecue, Zwiebach, Bierocks, Lefse, Homemade Chicken and Noodles, Corned Beef and Cabbage, Homemade Bread, Fried Chicken, and much to write. 

  • Population 

The population of the state of Kansas is around 2.91 million as of 2022. 

  • Area 

The total area of the state of Kansas is around 82,278 mi sq. 

  • Weather 

In Kansa, summers are quite warm, the winters are mild, and the humidity is moderate. Here, January is the coldest month, with the average high temperature near 31 degrees C and low. And July is the warmest month. 

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What Does The Kansas Flag Symbolize?

This flag has multiple symbols of pioneer life. This includes a river and steamboat that symbolizes commerce, the rising sun that represents the east, and a cabin with a man plowing a field that is symbolic of agriculture.

What Is The History Of The Kansas Flag?

The flag of Kansas was designed in 1925 by Hazel Avery and first used in a Fourth of July parade in Lincoln, Kansas. Officially adopted by the Kansas State Legislature in 1927 and modified in 1961 (the word “Kansas” was added below the seal in gold block lettering). First flown at Fort Riley by Governor Benjamin S.

Why Does The Kansas Flag Have Mountains?

So why do mountains make a cameo in the background of the state’s seal along with a buffalo and a farmer? The reason likely dates back to the original boundaries of the Kansas Territory, which stretched deep into what is now Colorado and included the Rocky Mountains.

What Does Kansas Mean?

People of the south wind

The state’s name is derived from that of the Kansa, or Kaw, whose name comes from a Siouan-language phrase meaning “people of the south wind.”

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What Does The Sunflower Mean On The Kansas Flag?

The Kansas flag consists of a blue background centered with the Great Seal of Kansas. A sunflower, torn from its stalk and resting on a twisted blue and gold bar, references that the state was carved from the territory acquired by The Louisiana Purchase.


In this article, you learned all about the flag of Kansas in detail. The flag of Kansas is not a national flag but a state flag, therefore, it is used as a civil flag, and for a representation of the state within the country. Above, you have also learned about some significant aspects of Kansas. Now, you have understood everything about the Kansas flag


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