Moultrie Flag: Meaning & History 

What is the meaning behind the colors used in the Moultrie flag? Any ideas? No? Then this article is for you. In today’s article, we will bring light on the flag of Moultrie, its meaning, design, and history one by one. Well, Moultrie is a city in Southwest Georgia, United States. It is the third-largest city in the state and is known for its locally-owned restaurants. The city is popularly known as the Moultrie Commercial Historic District and it also includes the Colquitt Theater. It is home to a beautiful downtown with unique shops and a 1902 courthouse. So, without further extending it, let’s get started and know the Moultrie flag

What Is The Moultrie Flag? 

The Moultrie flag is also called the Moultrie liberty flag. Fort Moultrie flag. The Fort Moultrie flag features the state’s blue flag with a white cross and the word “LIBERTY” on the moon. There is no other symbol or script on the flag. Therefore, it is a very simple flag and also easy to understand. 

Now, you know the overall design and color of the fag. Let’s understand the Liberty Flag meaning today in detail. 

What Is The Moultrie Flag Meaning? 

Well, the meaning of the flag of Moultrie is not very specific but the flag is a symbol of liberty in the South and the new Confederacy. The flag was shot during the battle, but Sergeant William Jasper rushed into the open field to retrieve and carry the flag back, leading his troops to victory. There is an extended and deep history behind the flag of Moultrie.

Let’s understand the Moultrie flag history.  

The Moultrie Flag History

The Moultrie flag was created by General William Moultrie in 1775 in preparation for South Carolina’s war with the British. There are several heroic stories associated with the flag, which earned the Moultrie Flag a place in the hearts of the people of South Carolina. Let’s understand the history of this flag in detail, 

  • The current form of design of the flag was dated back to the 1765 Stamp Act riots when South Carolinas protested the act under a blue flag with three crescents in the canton. 
  • In keeping with this theme, Moultrie’s South Carolina Regiment wore blue uniforms with a silver crescent on their helmets that read “Liberty or Death.” That’s why
  • Moultrie chose this design to honor his soldiers and continue the tradition of using the crescent as a symbol of evil law. 

Neighboring Cities Of Moultrie  

Neighboring cities of Moultrie are 

  1. Tifton 
  2. Thomasville 
  3. Cairo 
  4. Albany 
  5. Valdosta 
  6. Bainbridge 
  7. Cordele 
  8. Dawson 

About Moultrie 

If you want to know more about the city of Moultrie, then here are some important facts given below. 

  • Language 

The official language of Moultrie is English, which is the national language also. Out of the total population of the city, 87.95% of people speak only English while the remaining 12.05% speak other languages, largely Spanish. 

  • Currency 

 Well, the city of Moultrie is part of the state of Georgia, which is part of the United States. Hence the official currency of the city of Moultrie is the United States Dollar. 

  • Population 

The population of Moultrie is 14,587 as of 2021. According to this population, the city is the 76th largest city in the state of Georgia and the 2429th largest city in the United States. The city is currently declining at a rate of -0.91% yearly.  

  • Area 

The total land area of the city of Moultrie is around 43.61 km2. According to this area, the city is the third largest city in the state of Georgia after Thomasville and Albany.   

  • Food 

The popular food in Moultrie includes Khachapuri, Churchkhela, pkhali, kharcho, Mtsvadi, Khinkali, Amber wine, peaches, grits, and many more. 

  • Weather 

At Moultrie, the cold season lasts 2.9 months, usually from December 1 to February 26, with the average daily temperature below 67 0F. While the coldest month in Moultrie is January, with an average low of 44 0F and a high of 62 0F.    

The Map Of Moultrie Flag 

The flag map of Moultrie is. 

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What Is The History Of The Moultrie Flag?

The Liberty flag was designed, by commission, in 1775 by Colonel William Moultrie, to prepare for war with Great Britain. It was flown by his troops in the successful defense of Sullivan’s Island against the British fleet in June 1776.

What Was The Original Flag Of Fort Moultrie?

Moultrie designed a blue flag with a white crescent moon in the canton with the word “Liberty” on the moon. A form of this design dated back to the 1765 Stamp Act riots when South Carolinians protested the act under a blue flag with three crescents in the canton (the upper left corner).

What Was The Original Flag Of The Revolutionary War?

Colonel William Moultrie commissioned “The Moultrie Flag” in 1775 to prepare for war with Great Britain. It depicts a white crescent moon with the word “LIBERTY” inscribed within it on a field of navy blue. It was flown during the American victory at the Battle of Sullivan’s Island in June 1776.

What Is The Meaning Of The Liberty Flag?

It became known as the “Rebellious Stripes” and was a symbol of their protest against British taxation and support of American economic freedom. On August of 1767, a flag pole was erected at the Liberty Tree in Boston, extending through and above the tree’s highest branches.


If you want to buy the flag of Moultrie then you can buy it in various forms. You can buy a Moultrie flag hat, a Moultrie flag patch, or a Moultrie flag sticker. The Moultrie flag was created by Colonel William Moultrie in 1775 when he was tasked with guarding Fort Johnson on James Island in Port Charleston, South Carolina. This flag was adopted by the Southern Continental and Militia Army, which played a vital part in an eventual American victory. It is still seen as a symbol of the South’s role in the Carolinas’ American independence. Now, you know all about the Moultrie flag.    



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