Portland Flag: Meaning & History 

The Portland flag is one of the symbols used to denote the history and culture of Portland. It is the pride of Portland. The flag of Portland carries a very special meaning which is hidden in the colors used in the flag. Want to know it? Then, keep reading this article. You might have heard of Portland, which is a port city in the Pacific Northwest and the largest city in the United States state of Oregon. The city is the best place for being a sustainability-minded, bike-friendly city with easy access to nature, plentiful coffee, art, craft beer, delicious food, and many things to explore. Let’s back to our Portland flag discussion.   

What Is The Portland Flag? 

The Portland flag is quite interesting to learn about. Why such? Because it has lots of linens and colors involved in it. Well, the flag of Portland features four primary colors and they are white, green, yellow, and blue. The Portland Oregon flag features a green field on which a white four-pointed star is a place from which radiate blue stripes, each boarded by L-shaped yellow elements. A narrow white fimbriations separate the blue and yellow elements from each other and from the green field. The official ordinance specifies a height of 3 feet and a length of 5 feet. This is the Portland city flag

But there is also another flag in the city called the Portland Alag Association flag, which is designed to suggest both the Portland City Flag and the flag of the North American Vexillological Association. This flag has adopted the colors and a fabricated V-shaped element from the Portland City Flag. and the bold V-for-Vexillology symbolism of the NAVA flag. 

Now, you know about the design of the city of Portland flag. Let’s know the Portland flag meaning in detail. 

What Is The Portland Flag Meaning? 

The Portland flag’s each color has a different meaning. Well, the green color represents the forests of Oregon, which surround Portland. A four-pointed directional star, formed by the vertical and horizontal intersection of counterchanged blue stripes, represents the rivers of the state of Oregon and Portland. 

The blue stripe on the flag is parallel with yellow stripes representing agriculture and commerce. The yellow stripes are separated from the green field and the blue river stripes by white lines called fimbriations.  

The Portland Flag History

There were three previous flags that Portland has but these flags were not officially adopted. So, the old Portland flag was in 1917, the second in 1950, and the third non-official Portland in 1957. The current flag of Portland was officially adopted after 1970. Let’s know its history in detail, 

  • In 1969, the mayor, Terry SHrunk, drafted the Portland Arts Commission, to find a flag design. 
  • Terry Shrunk suggested a special committee to choose a designer for designing an official city flag of Portland. 
  • The committee worked on the designer selection and chose Douglas Lynch, former Chairman of the art committee and a professional and well-known local graphic designer and teacher for designing of new official city flag of the Portland flag. 
  • In 1970, he offered a design in process, and the Portland city council approved the design. 
  • Later this was officially adopted. 

Neighboring Cities Of Portland  

Neighboring Cities of Portland are 

  1. Oregon City 
  2. Lake Oswego 
  3. Willamette Valley 
  4. Vancouver. Washington 
  5. Beaverton 
  6. Fairview 
  7. Wood Village 
  8. Troutdale 
  9. Tualatin 
  10. Battle Ground 
  11. Gresham 

About Portland 

Let’s know more about the city of Portland in detail. 

  • Language 

 The official language in the city of Portland, Oregon, United States is English. Other than English, the second most popular language is Spanish, which is followed by Vietnamese in third place. 

  • Currency 

Portland, Oregon is part of the United States, hence its official currency is also the national currency which is the United States Dollar. 

  • Population 

 The population of Portland is 619,286 as of April 2023. The city is currently declining at a rate of -1.72% yearly, and its population has declined by -5.07% since the most recent census. 

  • Area 

The total land area of Portland is around 375.6 km2. Portland is large enough to provide ample space but small enough that commutes are not too bad.    

  • Food 

 The variety of food in Portland includes Nong’s Khao Man Gai, Blue Star Donuts, Pok Pok, EEm, Ox, Canard, Expatriate, and many more. 

  • Weather 

The weather in Portland is best suitable for visitors and the best months to visit Portland are from June to August. The coldest month in the city is December with the average temperature below 35 0C.

The Map Of Portland Flag 

The flag map of Portland is. 

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What Does The Portland Flag Represent?

The design includes a four-pointed directional star, formed by the vertical and horizontal intersection of counterchanged light blue stripes, symbolizing our rivers. The blue stripes are paralleled with yellow stripes, symbolizing agriculture and commerce.

What Flag Is Green With The Blue And Yellow Cross?

The Swedish flag goes back to the middle of the 16th century. The design is said to have been inspired by the Danish flag, the Dannebrog. The precise origin and age of the Swedish flag is unknown but the first confirmed example of a yellow cross on a blue background dates from the middle of the 16th century.

What Is Portland Named After?

The Lewis and Clark Expedition passed near the site on the Columbia River in 1805–06. The city was laid out in 1845 and, after two of its early citizens flipped a penny, was named for Portland, Maine, rather than Boston, Massachusetts.

What Is The First Portland In The Us?

Everyone knows that Portland, Maine is the original Portland. The history books confirm this little historical tidbit for us. All real Mainahs know that Portland, Oregon (the “other” Portland) copied its name from the “real” Portland.


The flag is a symbol of solidarity and unity in the past, one way to weaken the morale of fighters was to kill the flag bearer and drop the flag. Because the flag of Portland has been the symbol of solidarity in action and unity in the slogan. In this manner when the flag fell from the flag bearer’s hand, a kind of disintegration and failure appeared in it. Every flag shows a symbol that indicates a story and meaning behind it, but a flag is not just a symbol, but a way for a country, party, or city to portray itself to the rest of the world. In the same way, the flag of Portland also has a special meaning, you have learned it above. Now, you know all about the Portland flag. 


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