Russian Flag: Meaning & History 

The Russian flag is the flag that represents the world’s largest country by area. Now, it is quite interesting to know about the flag of the largest country. It is made up of different colors which we are going to know. So, I will give you the detailed meaning and history of the flag of Russia. Without wasting too much time let us start and come to the main topic which is the Russian flag.  

What Is The Russian Flag

The Russian flag is a tricolor flag consisting of three equal horizontal bands of different colors. The upper band is of white color, while the middle band is of blue color, and the lower band is of red color. There is no Russian flag symbol displayed on the flag. 

The white color of the flag is the lightest color and is achromatic, it is a color of snow, chalk, and milk, and it is the opposite of black color. The blue color of the flag is one of the three primary colors in the RYB color model, as well as in the RGB color model. And, the red color is the color at the long-wavelength end of the visible spectrum of light, next to orange and opposite violet. 

It is all about the colors and design of the Russian Federation flag. So, let us jump to the meaning of the Russian flag. 

What Is The Russian Flag Meaning

The Russian flag meaning is hidden in the flag itself, you should know about it. 

There are so many meanings of the colors used in the flag but the most popular meanings are, 

The white color of the upper band represents nobility and frankness, while the blue color of the middle band represents faithfulness, honesty, impeccability, and chastity, and the red color of the lower band represents courage, generosity, and love.  

Do you know some interesting Russian flag information? That is, the national flag of Russia is not used in games like the Olympics. So, they use another Russian flag for Olympics. The Olympics flag is known as the ROC flag. Let’s increase your knowledge by learning the history of the flag. 

The History Of The Russian Flag 

The history of the Russian flag is given below, 

The old flag of Russia was used as an ensign for Russian merchant ships in 1696 and it remained in use until 1858 when the first official flag called the Russian empire flag was decreed by Alexander II. The flag was the tricolor consisting of three horizontal stripes of black, yellow, and white from top to bottom respectively. 

This flag remained in use until the Revolution of 1917. Later on, the Bolshevik Revolution happened and the tricolor flag was abolished, its use was prohibited during the White Movement and the Russian State during the Russian Civil war. 

After that, Russia became part of the Soviet Union, and the Soviet Russian flag was a flag of red color with a golden hammer and sickle and a golden bordered red star on top. After the 1991 August Coup, during the dissolution of the Soviet Union. The Russian SFSR adopted a new flag that looks almost identical to the Pre-revolutionary tricolor flag that was abolished in 1917.  

Then, the flag design remained the same until 1993, when the original Russian tricolor flag was fully restored as the current flag after the 1993 Russian Constitutional Crisis.    

Neighboring Countries Of Russia 

The neighboring countries of Russia are 

North Korea 












About Russia 

Russia is a transcontinental country located in the Eastern European continent and the Northern Asian continent. it is the largest country by area. 

  • Language 

The official language of Russia is Russian. 

  • Currency 

Russia uses the Russian ruble (RUB) as a currency. 

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  • Population 

The total population of Russia is 145,478,097 as of the year 2022. 

  • Area 

The total area occupied by Russia is 6,601,670 sq mi. 

  • Food 

The popular food of Russia is Borscht, Bliny, Shchi, Vareniki, Kasha, Solyanka, Pelmeni. And many more. 

  • Weather 

The climate of Russia is extremely variable because of the size of the country. It is with extremely severe winters in the inner regions of northeast Siberia and more moderate winters elsewhere. 

Russia Flag Map  

The flag of Russia map is.

russia flag map


Does Russia Have Two Flags? 

No, the national flag of Russia is one that represents the country but it is the second flag in the Russian Federation’s history. 

What Is The Real Russian Flag? 

The real Russian flag is a tricolour flag consisting of three horizontal equal bands of white, blue, and red from top to bottom respectively. 

Why Is Russia Flag Red White And Blue? 

The Russian flag is red, white, and blue because red stands for represents courage, generosity, and love. The white stands for nobility and frankness, and the blue stands for represents faithfulness, honesty, impeccability, and chastity.  

What Happened To The Old Russian Flag? 

The old Russian flag was abolished and also its use was prohibited by the White Movement and the Russian state during the Russian Civil War.      

What Is Russian Famous For?

What is this? Russia is best known for Moscow, its stunning capital city on the Moskva River in Western Russia. The city is home to many of Russia’s famous landmarks, including the Red Square, the Bolshoi Theater, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Kremlin, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, and many others.

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Why Are There 2 Russian Flags?

When the Soviet Union dissolved, its symbols were replaced. The non-Russian territories acquired by tsars and communist leaders became independent, and the Russian Federation that remained readopted the white-blue-red Russian national flag.


In this article, I have given you the meaning as well as the history of the flag of Russia in detail. From this article, you have learnt the different colors and the meaning behind these colors of the flag. So, after reading this article you won’t need to learn or search more about the Russian flag


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