Saudi Arabia Flag Meaning & History 

Do you know Saudi Arabia flag meaning? If not, and want to know it then continue reading till the end. Here, I am going to make you well aware of the meaning of the Saudi Arabia flag in detail. However, the construction of the flag of Saudi Arabia along with its history. So, without doing much discussion and wasting your time let us move on to the learning of Saudi Arabia flag meaning

What Is The Flag Of Saudi Arabia?  

The flag of Saudi Arabia or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is the flag used by the government of Saudi Arabia since 15th March 1973. It is a fully green color flag featuring in white an Arabia inscription and a sword displayed below the Arabic inscription. 

The meaning of the Arabic inscription in English is “There is no God but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”. This is the Islamic Creed or also known as Shahada. The usual color of the flag’s green was approximated by Album des pavilions as Pantone 330 C, while the color used on flags as the United Nations is approximately Pantone 349. 

When you see this flag then you find that the sword points to the left on both sides, in the direction of the script. This flag is manufactured with similar obverse and reverse sides, to ensure the shahada reads correctly, from right to left, from either side. 

Here, you know the overall design as well as the Saudi Arabia flag symbolism then, learn about the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia flag meaning now.  

What Is Saudi Arabia Flag Meaning

The Saudi Arabia flag meaning is not so complicated because they have a simple flag meaning only with two things one is the sword and the second is an Arabic inscription. 

The green color of the flag represents Religion Islam. On the green field, there is a sword displayed. So, the question is what does the sword mean on the Saudi Arabia flag?  The answer is, the sword stands for the strictness in applying justice. 

Have you ever seen any tool or assassin on the flag? Surely your answer may be no. This makes it a unique flag from the other flags. Now, you became well known about the flag of Saudi Arabia Meaning.  Let us jump on the history of this flag. 

The History Of Saudi Arabia Flag 

The history of the Saudi Arabia flag is as unique as the country’s flag. 

Initially, there were two precursor states namely Nejd and Hejaz. The state Nejd followed today’s Saudi Arabia’s flag pattern very closely. However, the state of Hejaz followed the pattern like other countries such as Palestine and Sudan. 

From 1902 to 1921 the flag design and color were similar to today’s flag but different Arabic inscriptions were used. After so many years passed and ultimately the AI Saud, the ruling family of the country has long been closely related with Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab. Then, he and people who followed him, since the 18th century, had used the shahada on their flags. 

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Neighboring Countries Of Saudi Arabia 

The neighboring countries of Saudi Arabia are 

  • Jorden 
  • Iraq 
  • Kuwait 
  • Qatar 
  • The United Arab Emirates 
  • Oman 
  • Yemen 

About Saudi Arabia 

Saudi Arabia is a country on the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. and Riyadh is Saudi Arabia capital

  • Language 

Arabic is the official language of Saudi Arabia. 

  • Currency 

The Saudi Riyal (SR) (SAR) is the currency of Saudi Arabia. 

  • Weather 

The climate of Saudi Arabia is a desert climate with very high daytime temperatures during the summer and a sharp temperature drop at night. 

  • Food 

The popular food of Sudi Arabia is Tamia, Kibbeh, Mandi, Ruz Al Bukhari, etc. 

  • Population 

The total population of Saudi Arabia is 34,218,169 as of the year 2019. 

  • Area 

The total area covered by Saudi Arabia is 830,000 sq mi. 

Flag Map Of Saudi Arabia 

The flag map of Saudi Arabia is. 

Flag Map Saudi Arabia 


What Does The Saudi Arabia Flag Say? 

The Saudi Arabia flag says the green color stands for Islam and the sword means a strictness in applying justice. 

What Do The Colors On The Saudi Arabia Flag Mean? 

The color on the Saudi Arabia flag is green and it means Religion Islam. There is also a written Arabic inscription on the flag as “There is no God but Allah; Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”. 

Who Designed The Saudi Arabia Flag?

History of the Flag :The use of the shahada on the flags of Saudi Arabia dates back to the 18th century. It wasn’t until 1902 when Abdulaziz Abdulrahman Al-Saud – who would later found the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia – added the sword to the design of the flag.

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What Is The Old Flag Of Saudi Arabia?

A green flag with white vertical stripe, motto and sheathed scimitar sword was adopted. The thickness of the white vertical stripe was reduced in 1934 and by 1938 it was removed completely. The modern flag was adopted in 1973. It featured a plain green field with the Arabic shahada motto and a straight sword.


Above, you become familiar with the meaning of Saudi Arabia flag along with its design. Now, you can imagine it exactly in your mind by reading this article. The interesting thing about this flag is that you can find the Saudi Arabia flag emoji and Saudi flag logo also in social media applications. So, when you see an emoji then you recall the Saudi Arabia flag meaning


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