Texas Flag: Meaning And History 

This article is all about the Texas flag, its meaning, and its history. To know it in detail, read this article till the end. Texas is not a country but a state in the United States. It became the 28th state of the United States by joining the union in 1845. There are some facts that make Texas more famous and they are size, pride, food, history, and longhorns. People love Texas because of its unique culture and also because it is a very quiet place. Due to a variety of reasons Texas is one of the popular destinations for working families and retirees. Without taking much time let’s get started and know about the Texas flag.    

What Is Texas Flag? 

The Texas flag is the only flag of the United States state having previously served as a flag of a recognized independent country. The flag is popularly known as the “Lone Star Flag” because of its prominent single white star. A rectangle-shaped flag contains one blue vertical stripe that has a width of 1/3rd the length of the flag. Also, there are two equal horizontal stripes, the upper is white in color and the lower is red in color. The upper and lower strips have lengths equal to 2/3rd the length of the flag. 

One white, regular five-pointed star is positioned in the center of the blue strip. The five points of the star are equal to the 3/4th of the width of the blue stripe. The overall proportion of the flag is 2:3. 

Now, let’s take a look at the Texas fag meaning.  

What Is Texas Flag Meaning? 

In the Texas flag, the blue color stands for the loyalty of Texans, the white color for purity, and the red color represents the bravery of the people who fight for Texas’s independence. The star represents the All of Texas and stands for unity as one for God, state, and country. Also, the flag of Texas also represents the pride and go-it-alone spirit that is still part of the Texas way of life. 

Well, you know about the Texas flag’s meaning and its designs. Now, let’s scroll down and know the Texas flag history.  

History Of Texas Flag 

  • Texas was ruled first by Spain, then by France, and then by Mexico, before it was part of the United States. From 1519 to 1685, Texas used the Spanish flag as it was a Spanish possession. 
  • Then from 1684 to 1690, Texas flew the flag of the Kingdom of France, as it became the possession of France. The flag of France featured gold fleurs-de-lys on a white background. 
  • Between 1690 to 1821, Texas reverted to Spanish possession and the Spanish flag also. 
  • Then in 1821, Texas became part of Mexico and flew the flag of Mexico until 1836, when the Republic of Texas declared its independence. 
  • In 1836, the Congress of the Republic of Texas approved the National standard of Texas. This flag was simple but striking, it featured a yellow star in the middle of a dark blue background. This flag served till 1839. 
  • Finally, in 1845, Texas became part of the United States, and then the USA flag ultimately became the national flag of Texas. 
  • But Texas kept the lone star flag and used it as the state flag. And hence, Texas is the only US state that uses the flag of a separate sovereign nation.  

Neighboring States Of Texas 

The neighboring states of Texas are, 

  • Oklahoma 
  • New Mexico 
  • Louisiana 
  • Arkansas 
  • The Mexican state of Chihuahua Coahuila 
  • Nuevo Leon 
  • Tamaulipas 
  • Gulf Of Mexico  

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About Texas 

To know more about Texas, let’s consider some basic yet significant factors like language, currency, food, area, weather, etc. Let’s know these factors in detail, 

  • Language 

There is no official language declared in Texas. 64.9 % of the population spoke only English at home while 28.8% of people spoke Spanish at home. 

  • Currency 

Now, Texas officially becomes a state of the United States, it has the same currency as the country. So, the currency of Texas is the United States Dollar. 

  • Food 

The popular and most consumed food in Texas includes chicken fried steak, pecan pie, brisket, chili, chile con queso, kolaches, Tex-Mex, Migas, and many more to eat. 

  • Population 

Currently, the population of Texas is 29.95 million, which makes the state the second most populous state in the United States. 

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  • Area 

Geographically, Texas is the second largest state in the United States. The area of Texas is around 268,820 square miles or 696,200 sq mi. Texas is divided into five regions namely Big Bend Country, Hill Country, South Texas Plains, Panhandle Plains, Gulf Coast, Piney Woods, and Prairies and Lakes. 

  • Weather 

Due to the large size of Texas, there are multiple climate zones that give the state highly variable weather. Each winter there are multiple snowfalls. The state has wide variations in precipitation patterns also. 

Flag Map Of Texas

This is the Map Flag of Texas.

Texas Flag: Meaning And History 

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What Is The History Of The Texas Flag?

A flag consisting of a blue field with a large central gold star was adopted by the first Texas Congress, December 10, 1836. The design was suggested by President David G. Burnet and it is sometimes called the “Burnet flag.” It was the flag of the Republic from 1836-1839.

What Is The Meaning Behind The Texas Flag?

The Texas Flag Code assigns the following symbolism to the colors of the Texas flag: blue stands for loyalty, white for purity, and red for bravery. The code also states that the single (lone) star “represents ALL of Texas and stands for our unity as one for God, State, and Country”.

What Does Upside Down Texas Mean?

When the Texas flag is flown upside down it symbolically represents a sign of distress, even mortal danger.

What Do The Six Flags Represent?

The flags represent the six nations that have claimed sovereignty over Texas. They are the Kingdom of Spain, the Kingdom of France, the Republic of Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the Confederate States of America and the United States of America.

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After reading this article, you got all the information regarding the flag of Texas as well as its meaning and history. Above, we have also mentioned some important and basic factors of the states including weather, language, currency, area, population, etc. after going through this article, you may feel more knowledgeable and positive about Texas. Now, you know everything about the Texas flag.  


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