Tulsa Flag: Meaning & History 

What is special about the Tulsa flag? Well, there is a special meaning and an important piece of history that is carried by the flag of Tulsa. In this article, we will give you the meaning and history of the flag of Tulsa and in the same article, we will also give you some important facts about Tulsa. Tulsa is the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma, United States. It is also the world’s largest small town. What is Tulsa famous for? Well, Tulsa is popular for its well-preserved Art Deco architecture, big-booty performing arts scene, and Oklahoma-style barbecue pints. It is also famous for its rich history of oil production and its great culture. Instead and having further discussion let’s come to the Tulsa flag.  

What Is The Tulsa Flag? 

The Tulsa flag is quite different from other flags in the country. It has a half-white-blue upper half and half-beige lower half, separated by a golden horizontal line through which a golden Osage shield pierces the left third. The Osage shield features a red circle and a six-pointed star inside the circle. Both the stripes of blue and white are equal in proportion and the golden separator is narrow. 

Do you know? The flag of Tulsa is remarkable because it is one of the few modern flags that use beige in its design, which is a color that is often associated with the fading of flags from the time of use.  

Now, you have the Tulsa flag color. Let’s understand the Tulsa flag meaning. 

What Is The Tulsa Flag Meaning? 

In the liberty flag Tulsa, Ok, the blue symbolizes the Arkansas River and other resources it has provided throughout history and today. The venue reflects the warmth and community that exists in Tulsa. The horizontal separator line of golden color represents the discovery of oil in 1901, the “Black Gold” that led to remarkable growth and trade in the region. The shield represents the Native American tribes who were forced to re-immigrate to the land. It also refers to the Oklahoma state flag. 

Inside the shield, there is a red circle that shows the bloodshed and lives lost during the 1921 Tulsa massacre that damaged Black Wall Street, the most prosperous African American community in the country. 

The beige star in the center shows the bright future of Tula. Art Deco shows us about Tulsa’s architecture, that we’ve healed the wounds of our past and becomes symbols of the American city. 

The Tulsa Flag History

The new flag of Tulsa was officially adopted on 3rd October 2018. Let’s understand more in detail. 

  • Tulsa’s first flag was a non-rectangular design with an equilateral triangle at the wing tip. It featured a white field with a large red circle in the center with the world “Tulsa” inside. This flag served the city from 1924 to 1941. 
  • The second flag remained in use from 1941 to 1973. This is a round star with a circle inside and the words “Tula Oklahoma” in capital letters.
  • The third flag came and served the city from 1973 to 2018. This flag consists of a higher third and a lower two-quarters to form the letter “T”. 
  • In 2017, a group of civilians tried to design a new flag for the city. And about 400 new designs were submitted, of which three were shortlisted. 
  • Out of these three designs, one design won by 51% of the votes. 
  • The winning design was released under CCo licenses and finally, it was adopted on 3rd October 2018. 

Neighboring Cities Of Tulsa  

Neighboring cities of Tulsa are 

  1. Claremore 
  2. Okmulgee 
  3. Glenpool 
  4. Collinsville 
  5. Wagoner 
  6. Coweta 
  7. Skiatook 
  8. Inola 

About Tulsa 

Let’s know something more interesting about the city of Tulsa. 

  • Language 

 The official language in Tulsa is English. Out of the total population, 89.4 of people speak only English and the remaining speak other languages. 

  • Currency 

The city of Tula is a part of the United States hence its official currency is the same as the national currency of America, which is the United States Dollar. 

  • Population 

The population of the city of Tulas is 408,956 as of April 2023. Tulsa is the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma and the 48th largest city in the United States.  

  • Area 

The total land area of the city of Tulsa is around 522.8 km2. According to this area, the city of Tula is the second largest city in the state of Oklahoma, United States. 

  • Food 

The most popular food in the city of Tulsa includes Grilled Hamburgers, Chili, Seafood, Cheesecake, and many more.  

  • Weather 

In the city of Tulsa, the coldest month is January with the average temperature 26 0F. While the warmest month in the city is July with the average daytime temperature rising to 93.8 0F. 

The Map Of Tulsa Flag 

The flag map of Tulsa is. 

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