What Is A Dragula?

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What Is A Dragula?

In the world of drag performance, where creativity knows no bounds and self-expression reigns supreme, the term “Dragula” stands out as a unique and captivating concept. But what exactly is a Dragula? If you’re curious about this term and its significance in the world of drag, you’re in for an exhilarating journey. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the mysterious world of Dragula, exploring its origins, its purpose, and its impact on the drag community.

The Birth Of Dragula

Dragula, often referred to as “The Boulet Brothers’ Dragula,” is a drag competition and reality television series created by drag performers and artists Dracmorda Boulet and Swanthula Boulet, collectively known as The Boulet Brothers. The show first premiered in 2016 and has since gained a dedicated following for its alternative and edgy approach to drag.

Dragula distinguishes itself from other drag competitions like RuPaul’s Drag Race by focusing on drag queens, drag kings, and gender non-conforming performers who embrace the darker and more unconventional aspects of drag. It’s a celebration of the strange, the spooky, and the subversive.

Key Features Of Dragula:

  1. Diversity and Inclusivity: Dragula prides itself on its inclusivity. The competition welcomes drag artists of all genders, orientations, and backgrounds, fostering a diverse and supportive drag community.
  2. Horror and Shock Value: Unlike mainstream drag competitions, Dragula leans heavily into horror, punk, and shock aesthetics. Contestants are encouraged to push boundaries and create visually striking and sometimes grotesque looks.
  3. Fear-Based Challenges: The competition features a series of challenges designed to test contestants’ creativity, resilience, and ability to embrace fear. These challenges often involve elements of horror, gore, and the supernatural.
  4. Underground Culture: Dragula champions underground and alternative drag scenes, giving a platform to drag artists who might not fit the traditional mold of drag.

Impact And Significance

Dragula has had a profound impact on the world of drag and LGBTQ+ representation in the media:

  1. Expanding Drag Horizons: The show has broadened the definition of drag, proving that it is a diverse and dynamic art form that defies conventions.
  2. Embracing Diversity: Dragula has encouraged greater diversity in drag by welcoming a wider range of gender identities and expressions, promoting inclusivity and representation.
  3. Empowering Contestants: Contestants on Dragula often speak openly about their personal struggles and challenges, inspiring viewers with their stories of resilience and self-acceptance.
  4. Building a Community: Dragula has helped foster a passionate and supportive community of fans, artists, and performers who celebrate the alternative and unconventional aspects of drag culture.


Dragula, born from the creative minds of The Boulet Brothers, has emerged as a thrilling and transformative force in the world of drag. It challenges norms, embraces diversity, and celebrates the strange and unconventional. Through its captivating performances, fear-based challenges, and dedication to inclusivity, Dragula has left an indelible mark on drag culture, inspiring artists and audiences alike to embrace their unique identities and redefine the boundaries of self-expression. It’s a reminder that in the realm of drag, the only limit is one’s imagination, and the only rule is to be fearlessly, authentically yourself.

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Does Rob Zombie Own The Dragula?

The vehicle in the video clip Rob Zombie is driving is not the “Dragula”, even tho he is referring to it as it is in the lyrics. It is actually The Munster Koach Rob is driving, the vehicle owned by Herman Munster in the TV series.

Who Made The Dragula?

George Barris

The Dragula is a drag strip car built by Grandpa in the episode of The Munsters: “Hot Rod Herman.” George Barris built The Dragula and The Munster Koach for the TV show: The Munsters.

Is Dragula By Rob Zombie Heavy Metal?

“Dragula” is a song by American Heavy Metal artist, Rob Zombie. The song was released as a single from his first album, Hellbilly Deluxe, in August of 1998, and a music video was released shortly afterwards.

What Video Game Was Dragula In?

Rob Zombie’s Video Game Soundtrack Contributions

Some of his biggest hits like “Dragula” and “Superbeast” were featured on Twisted Metal 3 and Twisted Metal 4​​​​​​. As the new millennium came around, Zombie diversified his soundtrack contributions with different types of games.

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