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In the era of smartphones and instant communication, the MSISDN might sound like a cryptic acronym, but it’s actually a key component of your mobile phone that you use every day. MSISDN, which stands for Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number, is a fundamental element that uniquely identifies your mobile phone number. In this blog, we will delve into what an MSISDN is, how it is structured, its importance in mobile communication, and why it matters to users like you.

The Anatomy Of An MSISDN

The MSISDN is essentially your mobile phone number, but it is structured in a way that provides important information about your subscription and the country in which your mobile service is registered. Here’s how an MSISDN is typically structured:

  1. Country Code (CC): The first part of an MSISDN is the country code, which is a numerical code that identifies the country where the mobile service is registered. For example, the country code for the United States is +1, while the code for the United Kingdom is +44.
  2. National Destination Code (NDC): Following the country code, the NDC is used to identify the specific mobile network operator within that country. It is often a portion of the phone number that you dial to reach someone within the same country.
  3. Subscriber Number (SN): The subscriber number is the unique portion of the MSISDN that identifies you as an individual subscriber. It is your personal phone number, and it distinguishes you from other subscribers on the same network.

Importance Of The MSISDN

The MSISDN is a critical element in mobile communication for several reasons:

  1. Unique Identification: The MSISDN uniquely identifies your mobile phone number on a global scale. This is essential for routing calls, texts, and data to the correct destination.
  2. International Compatibility: The inclusion of the country code ensures that your mobile phone number is compatible with international dialing standards, allowing you to make and receive calls from abroad.
  3. Network Identification: The national destination code helps the network identify which specific operator you are subscribed to, enabling proper routing of calls and services.
  4. Subscription Information: The structure of the MSISDN also contains information about your mobile service provider and your subscription type.

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Why The MSISDN Matters To Users?

  1. Global Reach: Understanding your MSISDN allows you to make and receive calls and messages from anywhere in the world, making it a crucial tool for global communication.
  2. Number Portability: The MSISDN structure also supports number portability, which means you can change your mobile service provider while keeping the same phone number.
  3. User Convenience: Users may need their MSISDN for various purposes, including setting up two-factor authentication, authorizing app access, and for contacting customer support.
  4. Emergency Services: In emergencies, the MSISDN is essential for locating and contacting individuals, as it is used by emergency services to track and reach mobile phone users.


The MSISDN, or your mobile phone number, is a fundamental component of modern communication. Its structure allows for global reach, number portability, and effective routing of calls and messages. Understanding your MSISDN and its significance can be valuable for users in ensuring seamless communication, maintaining security, and enjoying the convenience of modern mobile technology.


Is MSISDN Same As Phone Number?

MSISDN stands for Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number. It’s the unique number that identifies a mobile subscriber. The MSISDN is the mobile subscriber’s phone number including the international country code. The maximum length of a MSISDN is 15 digits.

What Is An MSISDN On My Phone?

MSISDN stands for Mobile Station International Subscriber Directory Number. It is a unique identifier assigned to each mobile device in a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) network. The MSISDN is what links the subscriber and their mobile device and the network.

How Do I Get My MSISDN Number?

Unlock the android device. Go to settings . Scroll down to the about phone. In about phone you can see the phone number or MSISDN.

What Is An Example Of MSISDN Number?

For example, an MSISDN number in the United States might be written as +1 650-253-0000, where +1 is the country code, 650 is the network code, and 253-0000 is the subscriber number.

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